Camp Application: Things to Know

CAMP APPLICATIONS ARE NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED. If you need to upload additional documents for an application you already submitted, please scroll down.

  • Read the entire application and instructions - before you begin filling out the application. We also encourage you to review our Executive Director's cover letter here.  opens in a new window
  • The application deadline was April 15, 2019.
  • Camp fees are $535.00 per week and $85.00 for weekend mini-camp.
  • Campers may apply for only ONE week. If you are interested in attending both weeks and the weekend mini-camp, please indicate on your application.
  • If a personal care attendant is required, BIAV will hire qualified individuals to perform those functions; the cost is an additional $275. A camper’s personal paid attendant may be able to attend camp and provide the required assistance; final decisions will be made at the discretion of the Medical Advisor and Camp Manager. The cost of lodging and meals for an attendant while at camp will be paid by BIAV.
  • Digital/electronic signatures are the equivalent of ink signatures in Virginia and will be accepted on all of the forms completed electronically. 
  • Do not submit payment with your application. You will be invoiced for camp AFTER you are notified about acceptance.
  • If a question does not apply to you, enter NA as your answer.

Lets Get Started!

Step 1:

There are 3 different ways you can apply for camp - pick the ONE that best suits your needs. We encourage option 1 or 2 and ask that if you complete your application on paper (option 3), please print as legibly as possible. Bookmark this website ( write it down for easy reference.

Choose One Below

Step 2:

In addition to a completed application, the three forms below are required and must be received no later than May 17, 2019 to ensure the applicant's participation. Save and complete these forms (type or handwritten - electronic signatures are accepted) then you can choose to upload them (preferred method) or fax or mail them to us. Fax: 804-355-6381

Important Tips for Forms:

  • Be sure to do a 'Save As' of all editable forms to your desktop BEFORE you start entering data
  • When typing in several lines of text, hit return and keep typing - we will be able to scroll and see all of the information you have typed even if it runs over the space allotted on the form
  • Type in your name on the signature sections - electronic signatures are the equivalent of ink signatures


Step Three:

You are almost Done!  

We also need the following items:

  1. List of current medications
  2. Copy of your drivers license or I.D.
  3. Copy of your insurance card
  4. Copy of DNR if applicable
  5. Copy of Advance Directives if applicable
  6. Horseback Riding Release form if participating (click here for form)
  7. Challenge Course Release form if participating (click here for form)

You can upload these items below or print and fax or mail them to us.

Upload Center

Upload all of your completed forms, insurance card copies, etc. here.

You can apply online by clicking the Financial Assistance button or download here and type on this form (or print and mail/fax).

Questions? Email us at or call us at 804-355-5748.
Fax: 804-355-6381
Address: 1506 Willow Lawn Drive, Suite 212, Richmond, VA 23230