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 RVA Field Day Will Be Here Soon!

RVA Field Day Will Be Here Soon!

13-Mar-2017 BIAV's 2nd Annual RVA Field Day is almost here! This is a public awareness and friend/fund-raising event to support Camp Bruce McCoy.  The day will consist of traditional field day games, like when you were a kid, designed for all ages and abilities. Teams will raise money to compete in the games, which are chosen to correspond with the different lobes of the brain and their functions.  For example, the Occipital Lobe is responsible for vision, so the game at that table was a giant “Where’s Waldo?”

There will also be an activity area with music, food, a helmet giveaway, games, crafts and more.  We had a lot of fun last year; with your help, we are expecting a great turnout this year!

For more info, please download our flyer or visit the event website.

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